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Pic it up in Sumas is the home of your personal and commercial parcel receiving experts. We are ready to accept your parcels – only $3.00 for a Parcel Pic-Up, Any Size, Any time. We accept all pre paid return labels (UPS, Fedex, USPS), and hold parcels for 60 days. We receive from UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, DHL, & all common carriers. Friendly, great service!

Easy as 1,2,3

Using PIC-IT-UP is EASY – Just follow the steps below!

parcel pickup sumas

1. Register with our convenient online form and be ready to send us your parcels.

Use your Full Name on your parcel.

Use our address below:
603 Cherry Street,
Sumas, WA, 98295.

parcel pickup sumas

2. Track your own parcel using www.packagetrackr.com or using your own tracking service.

parcel pickup sumas

3. Once you have confirmed your parcel has been delivered to us, you can simply come down and Pic-It-Up!

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Why Choose Us

  • $3.00 Parcel pick up, any size, any time
  • Forklift available with a 5000lb limit* (*limited availability on weekends)
  • FREE Pre-paid label returns to USPS, FedEx, and UPS
  • 72 hour Motorcycle, ATV, Vehicle storage – Safe, Secure, & Inexpensive
  • Short and long term wine storage, only $1 per bottle







parcel pickup sumas

We are 100% Canadian owned and operated

Join us today for all your parcel needs.