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Update November 22nd 2021: Hi Hi Hi. I’m afraid the news I have is all bad. I lost everything. My computer, my ipads, any paper evidence that Pic It Up ever existed. I have no Internet and I can’t communicate. This was literally my watershed moment – When you lose everything can you make something. I did. Here’s the bad part for you. I’m still going to honour my 60 day policy of responsibility. not right now but as soon as I can. This time there is supposed to be grants but I can never count on maybe. So if you are compassionate and caring person feel free to come down and help in my time of dire need. I may not find your parcel(s) or may be damaged or I already disposed of them. Be prepared for the worst. I literally risked my life Sunday night all alone putting everything up doing the best I could do to get everything out of danger. The last flood I would’ve succeeded. This time mother nature laughed. So again be prepared for the worst and if you are not at this time I need time to refigure my life out. I do kind of have good news. I am receiving parcels again starting Monday November 22 2021. Ah. Back to bad news Like I said I have no Internet. No Email. I’m not the only one in need so I don’t know when I will follow tracking please and I have no music 🙁 There is no such thing as flood insurance on a flood plain. Insurance companies don’t sell policies they know they will lose $$ on. In theory I had insurance last flood – 0 payout once bitten twice HELL NO. I’ve done more than I thought I could with help of amazing volunteers. I’ve always done my best – this time I fell short. PS Once I find and dry out my brain I’m going to have the craziest flood plan EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER. ~Richelle

Easy as 1,2,3

Using PIC-IT-UP is EASY – Just follow the steps below!

parcel pickup sumas

1. Register with our convenient online form and be ready to send us your parcels.

Use your Full Name on your parcel.

Use our address below:
603 Cherry Street,
Sumas, WA, 98295.

parcel pickup sumas

2. Track your own parcel using www.packagetrackr.com or using your own tracking service.

parcel pickup sumas

3. Once you have confirmed your parcel has been delivered to us, you can simply come down and Pic-It-Up!

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Why Choose Us

  • $3.00 USD Parcel pick up, any size, any time
  • Forklift Capabilities up to 5000lb
  • Pallet Price is $20 & up in or outgoing
  • We accept deliveries from everyone – UPS – Fedex – DHL – USPS – U name it
  • Need a laugh? and some more info? Check out all 12 of our commercials on Youtube
  • Short and Long Wine Storage
  • VISA and Mastercard ACCEPTED
  • 5000 Sq FT of warehouse for u to Fill It – Up
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Accept all pre paid returns. No Charge
  • PET Friendly – WOOF WOOF!







parcel pickup sumas

We are 100% Canadian owned and operated

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