Welcome To Pic-It-Up!

Pic it Up in Sumas is the home of your personal and commercial parcel receiving experts. We are ready to accept your parcels – only $3.00 for a Parcel Pic-Up, Any Size, Any time. We accept all pre paid return labels (UPS, Fedex, USPS), and hold parcels for 60 days. We receive from UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, DHL, & all common carriers. Friendly, great service!

Who Is Pic-It-Up

PIC-IT-UP is fast, friendly, uncomplicated parcel PIC – UPS.
We only specialize in receiving – We do not ship. We are your #1 choice for parcel receiving!
PIC-IT-UP is quick and friendly service all year around – we promise!
At Pic-It-Up, we don’t Monkey around! :-)

Our Crazy Stats

Simplicity 100
Secure 100
Affordability 100
Happy Customers 100
Friendliness 100