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Note: June 2013: Recent USPS regulations require all existing and new clients to fill out “Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent” Form 1583, available by clicking here. Thankfully, this form is only required to be completed once for uninterrupted USPS parcel delivery. This only applies for USPS deliveries, not UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier. If you can kindly print this out and bring it in, that would be AWESOME!! Thank you!

PIC-IT-UP does NOT accept shipment of fireworks, ammunition, gunpowder, guns, firearms, explosives, or any other dangerous and/or flammable materials to the store for ANY period of time.

NO there is No other way. If you have signed up for Pic-It-Up registration on another site then it is fake.

PIC-IT-UP currently does not accept Interac, VISA, Mastercard, or American Express for payment. No plastic, just cash! USD cash is your best bet.

We are 100% Canadian owned!

We receive from UPS, Fed-EX, USPS, DHL, and ALL common carriers.

Please do not leave voice messages – Track your parcel using Packagetrackr.com for the up-to-date status of your parcel. If you did not receive a tracking number, ask your shipper for one, every parcel has tracking.

Our USA phone number is 1-360-988-2266.

We return all pre-paid parcels for no charge.

It’s Simple… $3.00 USD Parcel pick up, ANY SIZE, ALL THE TIME! BUT we do NOT accept DEBIT, Credit Cards, or any of that kind of plastic. HINT HINT, USD cash is best!!

blog_5Yes, Pic-It-Up ROCKS!. Did we really need to answer that one?

We hold parcels for up to 60 days, with no extra fees. After 60 days, extra storage fees are applicable.

No, but it is advised for customers to register on our site so you can save time and not have to register when you get into our office to PIC-UP your parcel!

We have lots of parking, front and back.

Of course it is!! :) We have a wheelchair accessible ramp in the back.

Yes, we have 72 Hour Vehicle / Motorcycle Storage for importation is available.